Nigerian entrepreneurs are found of some common mistakes, and these mistakes are not only affecting the business owners but the economy at large.

I will be discussing mistakes with the provision of likely ways out. Taking note of these mistakes as a business owner or someone considering to start a business will definitely help you to have more positive outcome in your investment.

One, bad idea of doing common businesses. Nigerian entrepreneurs are found in the habit of doing common businesses. I think the major reason for this act is the fear of risk. No one wants to make a risk of starting something new. The fear of “will it work?”. And at the sight if seeing anyone doing well in a business others fall into the same business, and this will do more harm to the business sustainability for all than benefit.

Taking risk is a core pillar of success in business. It is always good if you can find a new path and make a way there. If you can take a new path, you will always have the time to explore it as much as possible.

Two, lack of creativity. There is no crime in getting ideas from people who are doing well in their business world, but you must be creative with it. This is a clue for you to diversify even in the world of common business. If you see people making it in blog industry, must you do the exact niche they are doing to make money? You can always do the same blog but be creative by being unique. This will make you great, and also sustain the idea for all.

In a country where common business is the order of the day, only one thing will make you relevant in the business, and that is the idea of being unique and creative. It is important for you to be creative with the business even if you are the first to start the idea. You should be prepared that many will come after you. You wouldn’t want them to just see you doing well and take over because they have a better idea added to what they have discovered as your lapses.

Three, lack of focus. It is good to be an hustler, but be an hustler with a particular skill. Be consistent, be focused, be determined. You can diversify your skill indifferent areas of people’s need. Stop the idea of dropping your originality for another person’s idea because it is flourishing. You won’t want to know how long they also nursed their dream till when you are seeing it as a flourishing idea. It is good when you are known for something, if possible to an extent they won’t know your name again but call you with the name generated from what you do.

The last in this article is the idea of starting any business with the main motive of making money and not making impact or doing things of passion.  You might want to ask what passion has to do with you selling bags or doing make up. It has a lot to do. How will you be selling bags and know nothing about fashion. You should choose selling bags because you are a person of fashion by nature. Doing your marketing will be easy and natural. You will have personal taste for what you are buying and selling to people. As a make up artist, you should love the idea of looking good and making people look good. If not make up, it must be something else that will make people look elegant. Creativity will naturally flow through your passion. You will not be out of ideas.

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