In this brief article, I will be discussing with you 4 reasons to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU! Before I go into the reasons, I have heard many talk about giving up often, and I have seen many who pretend as if the combination of such words do not exist. A man determined and prepared for success should never consider the idea of giving up. These reasons will strengthen and remind you your WHY

These 4 reasons to never give up are what you must know because they are the major strong WHY anyone can have towards achieving his or her dream. In all of your pursuits in life, always strive to get yourself to the point of no return. The point of no return is a spot where the only option you have left is going forward and never looking back. Get yourself there and keep your today ahead of your yesterday.

Reasons To Never Give Up On You

I will be considering 4 reasons to never give up you out of numerous reasons. In these reasons, you will see why your present moment is much more important for you.

Some Are Depending On You

Reasons to never give up

You are striving so hard and walking alone, but not just for you, but for so many destinies attached to you. The closest cycle you can think of right now is your wife, husband or children. Yes, you are right, they are depending on you.

But far from that, your society is depending on you too, your nation and planet is depending on you. Remembering these ones is enough for you to keep going.

Your family members deserve a better tomorrow. They deserve to be attached to a great name. Your wife deserves to be celebrated as a wife of a successful man. Your husband deserves to be celebrated for having such a fulfilled woman that people will honour. DO NOT GIVE UP!

Each time you feel like giving it up, remember you have people depending on you. Some knows what your success means to them, they are waiting.

Remind yourself often, “I must not give up, I am responsible for some people”

Some Are Expecting You To Fail.

The road with the greatest challenges is the road to success. You wanted to be different and unique, you chose this road where many refused to ply because they do not see reasons (due to fear and laziness), and you want them to wish you well? Get used to life drama, such will not happen.

The very first day they knew about your decision to take that path, they are waiting for your failure. You have to stand up and do not give up. Set a good record straight, at least for humanity sake. Your success after this difficult time will inspire some people to keep going. Fear is allowed, it does not make you a coward. The most important is, confront your fear, and overcome it.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

Check out this video on why you must never give up…

Your Future Needs Your Today Energy

You are greater than what you are seeing. Today’s energy that seems very difficult for you to appreciate are what you need when that tomorrow comes.

never give upYou want to be a great and popular business man, or a leader? You need to acquire a tough experience. It distinguishes a man among his peer. It makes you act and react to issue as if you have seen it all.

Do not let those pain just hit you for fun, make it count by learning from your pains. Learning from your today’s pain is what will make you overcome many battles with your two eyes closed tomorrow.

Pay the price… The currency is consistency, perseverance, courage and believe.

Life Is Not Fair And You Know It

Life is not fair, get used to it’ – Bill Gate.

Get used to the drama, life is not fair, the system is bad. No matter how intelligent you are, things are not forthcoming in your favor. Yes, get used to it, and move on.

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. Think of what will not make you depend on them. Stop complaining about life. There is nothing new you want to say about life that people do not know. All the great men today faced the same, what makes them different is finding a better way to beat the system.

The bad news is that the system is bad. The good news is that we all know that the system is bad. You are not an ignorance of that fact. What do you do?

You want to keep waiting for the system or you want to do something better with your life?

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