Endsars protest is a peaceful protest. Joining the protest is not for you or for me, just do this for your children if they matter to you. End sars is not about Yahoo Boys, it is about Nigerians. An average Sars officer believes that any fine boy on the street is a yahoo boy. Is this to tell us that Nigerian youths are expected to be poor? We do not deserve a good phone, good wrist watches, nice outfit in our personal car? Is iPhone too much for a reasonable person?

I escaped their harassment some years ago because I had my place of work identity card on me. Many Nigerian youths are not working in an official organization. They are self employed. What could have been the case if I had no identity card on me? They could have bundled me in the back of their car as they did for other guys around me.

I am charging you to join this peaceful protest because the result will end up helping you with any motivation I must have been given you through quotes, articles or videos. If I tell you to be consistent and persistent in a very frustrating economy, you will surely make it, but with more energy and stress. It is easy for anyone to apply any method given towards making it in any society with a better system.

Join the peaceful protest in the best way you can join. Don’t think those doing it are doing it for fun, or maybe they have no job. They are thinking beyond today, and that makes them better than you.

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#endsarsMost outstanding Nigerians in the world today are those who have been opportune to leave the Nigeria system at one point or the other. Why? It is more frustrating to showcase your little skill in a bad system, and much easier where you have an accommodating system. There are many things you can do if there is stable power supply. There are things you can do better if you are sure of your security. Your thinking and level of commitment to some things will change if you have access to stable and cheap internet.

#endpolicebrutalityEach time I am in the bus with Russians and I sit while some of them are standing, I remember and respect the fight of our fore fathers who fought for equality. Some fought for the life we are living today.  If we failed to fight for our children, they will grow to ask what we were doing when the whole mess started in our generation.

EndSars is not about Police officers, it’s about the system that bound the police officers. It would have been a different story if our police officers are well taken cared of. They are practically suffering compared to other reasonable countries. They deserve better. If you think it’s none of your business, one of your family members might be joining them tomorrow.

The system needs the injection of fresh ideas. Nigerians have communicated fresh and better ideas to the government, yet they are not hearing us. Speak through this peaceful protest and let them listen to us.


You need a better system where your life matters. You need a system where you are free to grow easily with your effort. We need a system where everyone lives a better life, and not only those working in an official organizations. Mechanics, bricklayers, tailors also deserve to live a better life. Living a better life should not be limited to those with official jobs. It all centers around the system.

It is a peaceful protest, join for the good result we are all expecting.

I respect the fact that EndSars Protest has no leader, if the government wants to have any discussion with the leaders, they should go and meet those dead Nigerian youths killed by Sars officers.

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