How can I live a peaceful life? Answers to this question has been a very difficult one for many. Meanwhile, the decision to live a peaceful life does not mean you won’t be successful in life. A peaceful life is a happy life. Living a peaceful life is enjoying what you have, even when you are yet to have what you want.

I will share with you 7 tips on how to live a peaceful life. These tips are what you should practice in a day to day activities for you to see the outcome being effective.

The more you practice them, the more you get used to them and the more you live in peace with yourself.


Tip 1: Talk to God and not man.

God live peaceful life
Tip 1: Talk To God And Not Man

As human, we always get to a point of ‘confusion’ where we need to make real decisions. Sometime, it might not be decisions, but request for our needs. Avoid talking to men, but talk to God. You should talk to God because it is only through Him you can secure all your needs. There is every tendency that man will disappoint or fail you. When this happens, it is the worst moment of man’s life.

God doesn’t say NO, He can only tell you YES, NOT YET or NOT THIS. He knows your needs better than you. Trusting Him for your needs help you to live happily and not under fear.

This does not limit your networking in life or being bold to make a request from life. But never you depend on man for anything. Instead, get busy adding value to yourself and let them seek for you.

Tip 2: Honour your family.

How to live a Peaceful life
Tip 2: Honour Your Family

It is important for you to honour your family. If you are married and have kids, respect them, don’t be funny looking for ‘happiness’ elsewhere when your family can give you all. Some end up not having a lasting peace when they choose to be looking for peace outside the bound of the home. Every peace gotten outside your home can never last. It will only see you through a moment and you cannot always tell the outcome. The point here, avoid the idea of cheating on your family members. Even if your spouse do not deserve your trust, your child does. Faithfulness brings peace. Read four (4) reasons never to rate your mistress above your wife

Tip 3: Decide what is important.

Live a Peaceful Life
Tip 3: Decide what is important

You don’t need to be everywhere or do everything you want to do. Sort everything out and only do what you need to do. Go to only places you need to be. It is important for you to be able to prioritize all your tasks and know which is more important than the other. Trying to be everywhere or do everything has the chances of breaking you. Related to this point is the next tip.

Tip 4: Don’t multitask.

living a peaceful life
Tip 4: Don’t multitask

The ability to multitask is a demanding skills in corporate organizations and it is really trending as a great skill in everyday activities. Multitasking consumes your thoughts and drains away your energy (Lifecoach). Yes, you will have results delivered as fast as possible, but our concern here is the outcome of that. You need to stay happy and peaceful by attending to tasks one after the other. I have been practicing multitasking for years too, but of recent I see how happy I am when I single task. I might not be as fast as anyone who multitask, but I deliver more effectively and I am always happy. At the end, all you want in whatever you call success is to be happy you are a success. Don’t trade the happiness with drained energy.

Tip 5: Control the Impact of Social Media.

peaceful life
Tip 5: Control the impact of social media

One common ways where people are loosing their peaceful live in this generation is through the strong influencing factor of social media. Never allow social media to set a standard of living or design a life you should live for you. Many chose a life to live through personalities they are seeing online. Many people are dreaming a life because of what they see people posting. Let me balance this, not all pictures or posts on social media are fake, some are real and it is good if you admire them and want to be like them. But what do you know about their journey to that destination you are admiring today? Whenever you are trying to meet up with societal standard of living, peace is likely to be far away from you because you might end up running beyond your your right success point.

Tip 6: Appreciate the moment.

Tip 6: Appreciate The Moment

Learn how to live the moment you are, knowing so well that yesterday is gone, but you have today to make tomorrow better. If you will see tomorrow, make today a great moment for the better tomorrow, and if not, live today and make it matter for the moment may be the last. Make yourself happy and always appreciate people around you. Let them know how much you love them, laugh with people, be truthful and cheerful. 

What Will You Be Remembered For When It Is Over

Tip 7: Delegate.

importance of delegation
Tip 7: Delegate

Are you a family man or business owner or you are leading an organization? Learn how to delegate. You don’t need to do it all. When you delegate, you just don’t live a peaceful life, you make other people responsible and you add value to them by bringing the best out of them. In delegating, you are also likely going to have a fast and best results in all you do.

Success is great, achieving your dreams is wonderful, but in pursing them, do so in peace. A dream achieved with pure health will not be well enjoyed. And I have come to realize a secret, working smart is productive than working hard. You have peace while working smart than working hard.

Yes… Go for the dreams. Pursue that success. Set the goals and time yourself. But do so by working smart for you to live a peaceful life.

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