Elisha Bala, the famous theologian who is known for his style of writing inspiring stories and poems has released a thought-provoking gospel poem, Give Me Jesus. He has written various poems and short stories in the past, which some of them can be found in his popular book, “PROXY: Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. Few among others include; “Heaven on earth” published by Footprints Magazine in 2019 and “What will humans do?” published as part of “Candles in the dark”, available on Okadabooks and Amazon.

Elisha Bala
Proxy: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

In an interview with Elisha Bala by Daily Trust, he discussed how challenging it’s been meeting up with all his responsibilities as a writer, poet and theologian. “It’s like having three selves, a task I cannot say is easy. I do not want to be found wanting in any of the three. Sometimes, I have sleepless nights just to make sure I cope with the demands of each field. However, I can’t deny that the prestige and opportunities that these three parts have exposed me to are quite encouraging. For a person as young as I am, it’s not a piece of cake to deny myself pleasure. However, I would say it has been taxing, yet an adventure.” He said.

While he was interacting with The Momentum Tv, he said he’s not the next Chinua Achebe or Shakespeare, but the first Elisha Bala. “I believe I am a voice, not an echo. I am not the next Chinua Achebe, or the next Shakespeare, I am the first Elisha Bala. A man sent to revivify, refire and rekindle men in the pathway of righteousness through the instrumentality of words and sounds.” Elisha said.

Elisha ‘EB’ Bala

There is a view that is not new to ardent martyrs. And that view is the view that men must die before men must live.” Elisha EB Bala

The just released gospel poem, Give Me Jesus, is no doubt a thought-provoking poem for Christians. Could the inspiration be born out of creativity, passion, love for writing or because he is a theologian?

Before reading his response on the inspiration behind the gospel poem, Give Me Jesus, read the full poem.

The Rise and Fall of Juliana Mensah by Elisha EB Bala. Click to subscribe to TMtv youtube channel


Take the world and give me Jesus.

You may bruise me, abuse me or refuse me

You may ignore me, accuse me, unease me

Take away your colors and destroy my comrades

Pull away the crowd and throw away the parades

I beg you of only one thing- give me Jesus!


Clean my name from the hall of fame

Rid my name off the world’s top ten

Lock me up in Antarctica or Patmos

Guard me up with America’s force

Throw the keys to the bottomless pit,

And forget this- that I ever lived

I beg you only of one thing- give me Jesus!


Tear my meat into pieces

Let me not remember what peace is

Give me pain for breakfast and starve me of mercy

Remember to pluck off my eyes and cut short my size

I beg you only of one thing- give me Jesus!


Let my dear friends dessert me

Let my enemies not preserve me

And when I lift my head up for water

Let my mother refuse me a drink

Let my father stamp on me a smirk

I beg you only of one thing- give me Jesus!


My wealth and health,

From the top of my head to the toe that I love

My kings and skills

From the best of their kind to the ones I that love

Take away everything, but please I beg_

Leave me with Jesus.


No man dies a wretched man at the feet of Jesus.

-Elisha EB Bala

What is the inspiration behind this poem ‘Give me Jesus’?

There is a view that is not new to ardent martyrs. And that view is the view that men must die before men must live.

The inspiration behind the poem is God. I am talking about that deep desire to serve him without reservations. This poem is my creed- they are words not crafted from the scheme of human intelligence. The words therein are a pledge, the pledge of a dead man who has nothing to live for except Jesus.

In addition, “I hold onto this without blinking. The goal is to equate nothing, absolutely nothing- to Jesus. Nothing equals him. No spirit, no gift, no wealth and no love in heaven and on earth- can be compared. Therefore,there is no room for dilemma on this matter.” Elisha said.

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