About Us

The Momentum Motivational Tv was created based on the need of the society. It is simply about giving the right information towards the achievement of dreams in the lives of our readers.

This information given is what we call motivation. Any useful information that helps you in achieving your dreams has only one mission, and that is, to motivate or inspire you from within.

In order for our impact to be felt by majority in the society, The Momentum Motivational Tv has been operating on What’sapp group with the sole aim of “re-configuring the ideologies of youths in the society” under the name “I CAN”. And it has been a success so far with different guests on the platform who share their experiences and expose top secrets of attaining success.

Through this platform, we have been able to build audio library for interested group members on available topics. Still active and running, you can be a member with a CLICK.  

If the mentality of the people in your environment is weak, it is a matter of time, you will end up being as weak as they are. The call we have decided to respond to is not just for our readers, but for us and even our children.

In lieu of this, we invite you to be a contributor to the vision of healing the world with the medication of “passing right information on how people can live their dreams”. This is simple, all you have to do is click the “Submit article” and read more on how you can join the train.

“We have conceived it, we shall achieve it.”

“We dreamt it, we shall live it.”

“We know the road is rough, but our eyes is on the goal.”