No excuses! Your greatest enemy is not failure. Your greatest enemy is excuses. Stop giving excuses. Stop celebrating your challenges.

No matter how poor your background is, it is not an excuse for you not to rise. You have no money to start the business is not an excuse for you not to rise. Your ideas are never acceptable is not a reason not to be among the 1% that succeed in life. You always fail is the job examinations or interviews is not a limitation to your growth in life.

All these are just to make you strong. Stop being carried away with those things preparing you for your better days ahead.

Give yourself daily motivation!. My family is not influential, and so what? I failed in your graduation examination, and so what? No company has ever considered my applications, and so what? Therefore, my story is not the first, and it will never be the last. Some had bitter experiences than me, and there they are at the top. 


If you cannot start the business now because the capital is big, start small. If you cannot start the kind of business small, do something else that can make you have income, save for the business you want. Approach investors. Share ideas with like minds for partnership. Keep thinking your ways through.

Make use of all you call limitations as the reasons to rise in life and not the reason to be stagnant.

You should rise because your family background is poor.

You should do it because no one has ever done it before in your family.

You should get that job because many companies has rejected you in the past. Seek knowledge on likely errors you have been making in the past.

Gather the limitations as strength and not weakness.

Remember, your story is not the worst, and it will never be.

You are the only one that can give yourself the daily motivation. Motivate yourself and BEAT IT!

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