The gift of waking up is one of the common gifts we all receive without measures of riches or influence. Everyday you wake up is a blessing, it is an unmerited gift. Waking up is not because of your balanced diet or your riches or your level of commitment to God’s work. It is simply a gift.


Waking up is an opportunity for you to work more on yourself.

It is an opportunity for you to make your future a better one.

Waking up is a privilege to continue your good days.

The gift of waking up is a great opportunity for you to amend your ways for the better man or woman you want to become.

Always remember, many are dead not because they are not as intelligent as you, neither because they are not as smart as you are. You are just opportune to see this new day.

The question are; “Are you ready to make use of this unmerited opportunity? Will today just come and go as usual? Will your activities today be towards achieving your tomorrow or what is today going to be all about?” – These are daily motivator question

You have made many errors in the past, you have mismanaged your time in the past. Consider waking up as an opportunity given to you for necessary corrections.

Do what will make your tomorrow happy about your today.

Let everyday count.

Don’t just take your waking up for granted.

Remember, today is all you have for yourself.

I dare you to make a positive decision on how you will make today a great day.

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