TY Bello, a famous and respected female gospel singer in Nigeria, has found her way to the heart of Elisha EB Bala, a poet. Elisha Bala expresses his love for TY Bello in a poem titled ‘Here’s Why I Love TY_’. The 7 stanzas poem is full of passion, placing the beauty, personality and works of TY Bello in high esteem.
TY Bello is a singer, songwriter, photograper and a philantropist. She is famous for many songs. Few among them are; Greenland, Ekundayo, Freedom, and The man. She has been famous since her days in KUSH with the likes of Lara George and Tara Fela-Durotoye. TY Bello is the director of Link-a-child, an NGO aimed at helping the orphans. She was, in 2009, given an award of ‘Best Female Video’ by Soundcity Music through one of her works, Ekundayo.

Elisha Bala, on the other hand, is a poet, story writer, and theologian. He has done many works which expresses his respect and love for Christ and African women. “Give me Jesus” (A poem published on TMtv website), ‘The rise and fall of Juliana Mensah” (audio version on TMtv Youtube channel), and “Our mama who art in Africa” (A poem which featured Jo Nketiah from Accra, Ghana) to be released on our youtube channel soon.

Here’s Why I Love TY Bello.

The Momentum Tv, out of curiosity, asked Elisha Bala what led him into writing such a great piece for TY Bello. He gave an amazing response. But, let’s take you through the poem first.

Here’s why I love TY_

Roses blossom but forces flaw some.
Time heals, yet time kills, but her music is life still.
She comes not in crumps_ people go and people come,
but TY comes and TY comes.

Her afro hair gives me the nostalgia of Zhura,
the woman whose story I cannot remember.
Her voice echoes the sound of that charming little child in my darling little dreams.
Her songs are like anthems sung in the midnight moonlight of forever.

Dreams are streams of joy and sadness,
each leading us to paths of unstable realities.
But if only I can see myself in the studio of TY Bello,
i’ll jump so high and then bend low_
to recite my poems in psalms like Adele’s ‘Hello’.

Like from west to east,
I’m pleased to tell you please that this piece is not to please. Be eased.
I know a smile that chronicles a tale.
And I know a calm soul when the sun giggles.
I feel her close when her music plays,
so whether she sees this or not, my spirit shall not revolt.

But the day we shall meet,
‘Your face looks familiar’, she’ll say.
‘We’ve met in my dreams’, I shall reply.
And that day, I’ll smile like a bird who flies alone singing the songs of his kindred_
for my retina has now become a sky at the sight of my TY.

Now, here’s why I love TY_

I heard as leaves murmur together the gossips of nature,
calling the names of each star that danced at the symphony of the moon
and the rival they said was the one whose songs are like anthems sung in the midnight moonlight of forever.

I would want to say more,
but even my silence is poetry,
so the next line is…

Brief gist with Elisha EB Bala

What makes you have this respect, expressed in love, for TY Bello?
EB: It is her consciousness of God, her love for art, and her style of richness. I’ll say TY understands how to be herself. She sings in a way that seems to be vividly communicative, and that uncommon texture of her voice brings me a sweetness in the process that I cannot explain. Added to that, I see the power of her imagination clearly displayed via her works of photography, how she traps beautiful moments in the lives of many and it is nothing less than beautiful. Her recent album has also done me well.
You stanza three shows you really wish to meet TY Bello, what will you like to do with her? Collabo a song or what?
EB: Hmmm. When I meet TY, I will not immediately wish for a collabo. It will be about access and relationship. I’ll love to have a relationship with the minstrel. Anything that comes after that will be eternally appreciated.
For the sake of clarity, can you explain this relationship a little further? (smiles)
EB: Lol, okay. By relationship, I refer to that bridge that can enable mutual intercommunication, because when you meet people like TY, the first thing to desire is not a collaboration in a song. The first thing to desire is an access that can enable you to have a sort of platform where you relate not as strangers, but either as friends, mentor-mentee, and/or acquaintances. That way, all other things will become easy and the learning becomes purposeful. And that is what I mean by ‘relationship’.
Thank you, EB. What’s your favourite song by TY?
EB: Most of her songs always have me coming back like a stone thrown to the sky, but my favorite of all her tracks has always been this song she titled; “COLD”. Oh my! I love it! You know she writes her songs like poems, and so it has a way of capturing the attention of all who love good conscious music.

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