Firstly, it needs to be set straight that cheating is not allowed and not in anyway recommended or encouraged. Christianity preaches against second wife. Islam on the other hand do not allow cheating, if at all you need another woman, do the needful and make her a wife and not mistress.

To those with mistress, stop being dramatic by rating your mistress above wife, thinking your mistress is better than your wife.

Reasons Never To Rate Your Mistress Above Wife

One, you see your mistress occasionally, and occasional meetings with your lover is always more romantic than when you are together 24/7. This is not to say you cannot be romantic when you are with your partner 24/7. Nature makes you plan for the short period and do all in your understanding to make it worth it. Less time to expose your annoying attitudes.

Two, your mistress (in 99.9% cases) knows about your wife. She knows about her flaws and her strengths. She naturally compiles this information and use it against her, making sure she is not repeating that which you told her about your woman. That makes her to have an edge above your wife. Then in your own dramatic thinking, you will rate your mistress above your wife.

Three, your mistress knows she has a ‘competitor’, whereas your wife is innocent and she is just being herself. This makes it easier for your mistress to go extra mile and do that which is not convenient for her. She will do all she has to do to make you happy against the knowledge of your wife at home.

The fourth of all reasons never to rate your mistress above wife is that, in most cases, you have a mistress because of one or just two reasons which you might have found lacking in your woman. For instance, it may be for more sex. It may be for more delicious foods, or your wife is not neat. It could even be because of beauty. The moment you see these few things that are lacking in your wife from the mistress, you get satisfied instantly and believe you found lasting love. The truth, Lasting love is more than the one reason or two reasons that pushed you out at first.

I don’t know how to convince you to find your way back but the basic truth is, she is not better than your wife. She only has strengths in the areas of your wife’s weaknesses. Your wife’s weakness is as bad as your weakness of not being disciplined enough to the extent of having a mistress.

I hope this article will help you see your wife’s weakness as part of life challenges that you must overcome by all cost. Learn to change what you can change, and learn how to live with what you cannot change.

If success has a price you must pay, so does a happy home. Ask those that heard the voice of God about their woman, they will tell you the happy home is not automatic. It took discipline and even lots of prayers reminding God that He led them to the woman, He should set things straight.

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