Making new year’s resolutions is one of the many things that are easier said than done. Many fail to achieve their new year’s resolutions as they fail to achieve their goals in life. As a matter of fact, they are intertwined, if you can achieve goals, you can achieve a resolution.

What is resolution? Resolution can be defined as a firm decision, a strong determination to make a change in ones life. This change can be to stop or start something. Therefore, resolution is an essential step in ones life at one point or the other as long as change is inevitable. There must always be something to stop and something to start.

According to Ashira Prossack, “less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.” This brings us to how you can be among the only 8% that accomplish their new year resolutions? I provide 5 strategies that can help you be among the 8% that achieve their resolutions.

How To Make An Achievable Resolutions. 

Have reasons for making your resolutions

Avoid the idea of making resolutions because it is 1st of January. Make your resolutions whenever you need to make it and make sure you have reasons for making them. A resolution made without a strong reason has the tendency of collapsing even without noticing it. When you have reasons for the change you want, it helps to keep you in motion. This is also important for you when setting goals. Read more on why you must start setting goals, and stop making wishes.

How to achieve new year resolutionsWrite down your resolution and place it where you can always see it 

To achieve your new year’s resolutions, they must always be written down. But, it is one thing to write down your resolution, it is another to attach value to it for you to achieve it. In view of that, write down your resolutions and place them where you can always see them. This is important because it will help you to always get reminded of what you have promised yourself to continue, stop or start. This can be done by locating your most regular sitting place in your apartment, place it there as a wall paper. 

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Avoid generalizing your resolutions

Avoid writing down resolution in its general form. For example, I want to stop waking late. That is not detailed, you can help yourself by simply saying “I want to be waking at 6:00am.” Waking up at 6:00am might not be late for person A and might be extremely late for person B. You know what you need, and you know why you want to start such new habit. Therefore, write down the actual change and avoid a general statement. This is important as it will help you in next point. 

Evaluate your resolutions

Learn how to evaluate your resolutions if you truly want to achieve them. The best way to do this is to also include how you plan evaluating yourself in the same paper where you wrote the resolutions. Evaluation could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The form of evaluation depends on the nature of your resolution. For example, if your resolution is to start visiting gym three days in a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this year, how do you evaluate that? 

Evaluate your resolutions and goals

You can simply have a monthly evaluation. After the end of January, take up your diary and check if you truly respect the promises made to yourself. 

You might have missed the gym for some reasons, look into it and check if it’s worth it. Failure to do this regularly will be equivalent to unnoticeable withdrawal from your self-made promises. Another example, let us assume you want to lose 12 pounds of your weight in a year, make it clear to know how you want to achieve this, I want to achieve 12 pounds of weight in a year, I will lose 1 pound in one month. It is easy to simply set your evaluation on monthly evaluation or twice in a month to see if you are able to achieve the lose of 1 pound in a month. This will give you a quick information of self-assessment.

Reward yourself

This is a practice some people are used to, but strange to others. It is a great idea to reward yourself on anything you do. You can decide to attach your need to resolution. How do you reward yourself?  You need a new phone, you can simply include it in the writing that I will buy this new phone if I am able to attend gym for the first 2 weeks in February. If you fail to visit gym and buy the phone, no one will arrest you for that, but it is a helpful strategy that can set you on a motion.

Sometime we use this strategies for our children by assuring them a new bicycle if they can score up to 90 in mathematics. They are your children, you can decide to give them bicycle or not, but attaching it to what you know they want is to set them on motion. Read ways to bring out the best in people.

I hope you can get your resolutions right with these 5 strategies on how to  achieve new year resolutions

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