Visions are always very easy to achieve at the moment you conceive them. In reality, achieving them become a challenge. In this article, I will be sharing with you, using my experience, how you can achieve your vision amidst all odds. 

Before that, it is important you know this; only you can tell yourself how you look and what you carry, because the fire is right inside of you and not in the society. Never you base your perception about yourself on what the society tells you. Take note of things to avoid for you to achieve your vision.

You carry the fire, you got the vision when they were asleep, you drew out the plans in the corner of your room. Few days later, you share the dream with the world and they say it is impossible. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself a carrier of impossibility? Do you see yourself a receiver and master planner of failed vision or project? Their opinion is allowed because they have the right to it, but not binding to you.

Carry on with it, imagine yourself a success, let your mind stay positive, don’t lose the vision. Build your mind so strong that you can speak positive words towards your life even unconsciously. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speakest”. Your word can make or break you.

My Experience As a Leader

When I was in the university, University of Ado-Ekiti, now EKSU, I was privileged to serve as hostel chairman ‘Wazobia hostel’. December was approaching, and I got the vision of doing something unique in the community of students by having hostel Christmas carol. It was a big plan. Each block in the hostel was to present a special song or drama. Also had plans to invite neighbouring hostels for something special or just to come as guests. A fellowship “Rhema chapel” was very close to the hostel, where I planned borrowing instruments.

I shared my vision with the executive and later with the general hostel members in one of the morning devotions. An additional plan was to get Christmas lights with different coloured bulbs to decorate the hostel for the event. Some were like good idea, and some, fine… Your guess is actually right because even those that said yes did not support me in action.

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Immediately I sensed this, I went to fuel my friend’s generator, I communicated those who had wires for the connections, went to the market with welfare director and got the lights. I told few guys to let us start the fixing, and again, I was alone. I never gave-up, I started the fixing and the connection.

Not to bore you with this story, I learnt a great lesson for vision careers and leaders. immediately I tested the light… (The memory is still fresh), It was beautiful and the Christmas light sounds filled the hostel. It was almost dark, so the beauty of the light came out more. The ladies in my hostel shouted “My chairman”, and the guys were like ‘wow’. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, some bulbs did not work as expected, but guess what, I was not the one who fixed this, they joined me and finished it up.



The Secret I Knew

It was not their vision, it was mine. If they did not see it possible, it was not necessary. For me to achieve my vision, ‘I‘ should make it possible, not ‘they‘. It was my duty to make them see its possibility, and show them if they could not see. One good news, everything went as planned and the hostel set a good record for other hostels to celebrate Christmas carol in the subsequent years.

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Power of Vision | Your Vision Reflects You

In the journey to achieving your vision, you must know that the way you see your vision determines and go a long way to tell how you see yourself. Your vision is the reflection of who you are. A man who carries vision with enthusiasm is a no go area for failure, because whatever a man calls failure to him is called challenge, opportunity to get it right.

To achieve your vision; you must be positive, avoid negative energy, see your vision(s) with the inner eyes of possibility.

I will leave you with the words of Steve Jobs “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. When you see possibilities in ‘impossibilities’, they call you ‘crazy’.

Great men and women have the ability to see things the commoners cannot even sense. You see it, you must never be talked out of it by a man who did not sense it.

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