How to start a business is a common question, and I am sure if you have opened this, you are definitely looking for the same answer. In achieving anything great in life, there must always be a starting point. The starting point varies. Some has what it takes to start big, and some can only start small, and some even from ‘nothing’.

What is a dream? A dream is something bigger than you, and in reality, it takes time and processes to come through. I gave this definition for you to know that dream is not what anyone can achieve in the twinkle of an eye. Ask any successful man, they have their stories.

Understanding what dream is, we can therefore say ‘dream business’ is a business plan or idea that is bigger than your present self. Something bigger than you connotes the fact that, you cannot start at the exact level of its height. Taking note of that fact. If you have a ‘dream’ business of being a famous producer of pencil in the world and you are able to start at the level of what you called dream, it it not a dream. What makes it a dream is that, its bigger than you.

Having known that, starting below the dream or starting small or with ‘nothing’ is not forbidden. It is expected. The levels which people can start their dream business varies because of level of influence they have, or how close they are to their dream before having it. I might be closer to my dream because I have knowledge in that area than someone who also have the same dream but might need to seek knowledge first. You might be closer to your dream of being a famous musician because you can play some instruments than someone that has to learn first.

But the point here is, you are definitely going to start below what you called dream. So, don’t feel discouraged with the fact that you want to start small or even with nothing. Now, the question is, how do I start my dream business?

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How to start your dream business

First of all steps you will and must take is the step of identifying what your dream is all about. Is it about fame, industrial development, entertainment industry, humanitarian services, and so on? Identifying your dream will help you to know the things you need, not only in achieving the dream, but getting your job done as a successful business man in any area of your interest.

For some people, they have all they need to achieve their dreams, all they have left is to get the job done properly. And for some, they still have to secure what they need before they can get the job done. Any where you belong, make sure you are getting closer to your dream daily.

To start dream business, start with what you have in your hand. There is always something we carry around that is a useful tool in the achievement of our dreams. It is always like that because in most cases, dreams are born out of who we are and what we do.

I met a promising graphic design few years ago, who was also my student when I was lecturing in a state college of Education. I picked up interest in him based of his work, and his passion for it. After a little while, he started taking pictures of nature around him and covering events for people with his mobile phone. Presently, he is having lots of followers with on Twitter and Instagram because of his work and of course, the consistence in what he is doing.

start working on your dreamI called him few weeks ago and asked, what can you tell upcoming graphic designers that you are above, and he said “They should start with what they have”. That is the point. There is no better time than now. Use what you have to get what you want. No matter how poor you think the work will look like because its not of good quality, start. It is what some people see as the best. They will pay you, save up and get something new to make your work more better.

Never judge your result too early. You start making shows or producing soaps or baking cakes or whatever you are doing, don’t judge your result too early. Why is it that my work is not popular yet? Don’t start a business today and start comparing your results with those who have made it in the business. They also started somewhere when no one knows them. You will get there too if you are consistent and persistent and people will think you just started yesterday. It is life!

Let all you do be towards achieving your dream from the starting point. The moment you know what your dream is all about, and you know what you have and those things you need, let all you do from that moment be towards your dream. Even if you need to watch a movie, watch a movie about that idea. Make friends that can contribute. Travel to cities that can help grow your business. If buying wears with the little income as a starter has nothing to do with your business promotion, DON’T!

If in the first hit of someone in music industry is so big, buying of expensive cars might be the next. As a business man, just get things you need. If you must get a car, get what is averagely nice. Aliko Dangote, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg and other great business men can afford most cars celebrities are using, but to what value to their ideas and dream? And to the celebrities, it is an investment into more deals for them.

Let all your daily moves count. Read book about your ideas, your dream. Follow greater people in the line of your business or idea on social media. See movies about your dream. Make friends and network with people that matters. All these come in small portion, but they all deliver big results when then get accumulated.

Don’t forsake your little beginning.

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