16th of October, 2020

‘What if…?’ This is a major question that has delayed the journey of so many people to their destinations. In an attempt of making major decision in life, you might have been asking the same question, “What if?”.

It must be quickly clarified that this kind of question is meant for those who know very little or nothing about what they are capable of doing. They underestimate themselves with the question because of fear. They will tell you they are either scared of failure or rejection.

Few weeks ago, during a conversation with one of friends, he asked, “What if I was rejected?”, and I replied “What if accepted?”.

Can you see how we used the question differently? He chose to use it negatively, and I chose to use it positively.

Winners don’t think negatively. As a winner, you must be positive with what you are aiming.

How To Use “What if…”

If you must ask ‘What if…?’, Ask “What if I failed to do this, what is the likely repercussion?”

This question is important because that is where your reason hides. Your reason for making a decision is hidden in the question that will supply you with the answer on the likely repercussions of your failure to do a particular thing.

If the result for not taking any step is of no negative impact on your today, family, or your future, maybe step is not important or compulsory. But if the result is going to affect your today, family, future or anything you attach value to, then you should not waste anytime because that is just your best, and possibly the only shot.

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If you can take this step, you will not have any problem identifying your “Why or Reasons?” in your life endeavours.

You have the choice of “what if…” before you today. Are you going to use it to your advantage or disadvantage?

What this video on What is your why?


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