Episode 4(Last Episode)

I told Chris to leave immediately amidst uncontrollable tears, he prostrated, held my legs and started begging, I was speechless and he left without saying a word. I was left alone to face my dad. I was having mixed feelings, I was happy Chris was back but at the same time was scared of undergoing emotional stress. At this time Chris is now a graduate and I was still in school. Before his service year, Chris made all efforts to make it up with me, I set him up on several occasions but he passed my tests.

Months after his graduation, he mandated me to introduce him to my relatives, I refused and he concluded that I had hidden agenda, I told him I wasn’t keeping anything from him but I’m only trying to take my time. Chris proposed to me afterwards and I accepted. He took me to his parents that very day and introduced me afresh as his fiancé. I was happy but there was this underlying fear in me. He was posted to far north for his NYSC. He swore not to betray me and he even told his friends around to keep watch over me while he’s away…

Chris and I kept close contact since distance was a barrier; it appears things were going on fine with us. He was serving while I was in 400l. He calls often and I’m comfortable with it. He finished his service while I was also rounding up with my undergraduate programme. Chris immediately proceeded for his MSc programme, as at this time, he checks on me more often. At a point, he persuaded me to please inform my parents that I’m into a serious relationship with him, I rejected at first but eventually told my mum ( mums are always gist partners). She was happy to hear me out and she prayed for us. Three months after , Chris came to me telling me he’s set to get married, I smiled and replied him immediately that I can’t get married until I’m done with my MSc program.

He frowned at my decision as if he was just hearing it from me. He told me he’s going to wait for me and we ended the discussion. I complained to him that I noticed a slight gap in the way we communicate. He admitted it and told me that his phone had been faulty. I immediately gave him one of my phones. A week after he left, he called me on one sunny afternoon and told me he would like to discuss some things with me. I told him to call me later in the night for the discussion.

We talked far into the night for close to an hour and I was happy because he was ready to fix our introduction and wedding proceedings, he will be coming to my place by weekend to see my parents and choose a day for the introduction proper, my joy knew no bounds, finally Chris will be mine and I will no longer feel unsecured. Chris arrived few days later as promised and bought me several gifts, I was very happy and we visited my parents the next day.

I received a message very early the next morning from an unknown number, it read thus: “Good morning lady, I can see you are a young promising girl with bright future, I’m aware of your marriage preparations with Chris, but I will advise you to let go off him. His family is not worth it, you will regret ever joining the family later as I am regretting now, I married his elder sister six years ago, I know what I faced from his parents and what I am facing now, God will provide a better person for you, please think twice“. The message wasn’t really painful but what pained me most was that my parents are already getting prepared for the introduction.

Few weeks later, my boyfriend came to visiting, I checked his phone and I read a conversion between him and a lady, ordinarily I don’t even go near his phone but his actions made me to suspect him, he told the lady that he’s currently at his uncle’s place and can’t receive calls at the moment, i read the message and smiled. It was written all over me that I was burning inside, finally my chance came, and I decided to use the message against him, I later went to meet him and ask who the lady was. He replied she was just a friend. I took it up as if it was more than that, I was actually looking for a way to tell him off as his brother-in-law advised.

I had a dream one night and in the dream I saw us parting way, the following morning, I went to his school uninformed and on getting to his house, I knocked and met a girl washing in the kitchen. He was so shocked seeing me and was shivering; I immediately calmed him down by telling him I was just passing by and decided to say hi to him. I saw everywhere in the room well-arranged and even the lady’s wears was hanging on the wardrobe.

I needed not to fight because he’s not worth fighting for. He ushered the girl out of his room and I stayed for few minutes then told him I was taking my leave. He was so disturbed but I was very calm and just told him not to bother to see me off that I will be fine. That was how the end came. His people especially the mother called me severally but I ignored their calls because I wouldn’t want to put myself into any bondage again. He tried reaching via my friends and his friends to plead on his behalf but the moment I told them the whole story, they couldn’t say anything.

Chris was out of my life and it was a total breakthrough for me though it appears so hard to leave someone you genuinely love. I did and I never regret my actions. I found a true love four years after I left Chris and He treats me like a queen. As for me letting go in my own experience was a cure.

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