It is important to identify fake friends because they are harmful. They must be identified and avoided by all means. These techniques are also useful to identify fake partners in a relationship. 

They are so deceptive and very difficult to identify. As a matter of fact, we sometimes attach value to them than real friends.

Study carefully and understand these five top techniques to identify fake friends around you.

They Always Want To Please You:

know fake friendsThey always do what you want them to do. The impact of whatever they are telling you on your future is not what they care about. fake friends are ready to do the exact thing you want. This is a way for them to have full access to you and make you see them as the set of people who have your interest at heart.

We all need our friends or partners to put us back on track when trying to get it wrong in life. This is the opportunity fake friends use to make us see them better than the real friends. What real friends will say may make you think they don’t wish you well. But, for fake friends, they will always nod to approve all your moves, and this naturally makes you accept them fully into your life.

They Jealous Your Progress:

hoe identify fake friends Yes, they laugh with you and you even do things in common, but they are not always happy each time you tell them good news. This may not be visible to you, but in the depth of their heart, they are like “Why not me?”. Fake friends think they deserve your progress.

They find it hard to help you when you need help. At the same time, they don’t want you to be better than them. You don’t deserve fake friends in your life, you should be careful who you call friends.

They Only Approach When They Need Help:

Always need help This is a common way of identifying fake friend. They are always off your side when everything is fine with them. When they don’t need your help, they can always do without you. But you will see them around when your assistance is needed. The smart ones among them buy some times before they throw their request at you. You must be careful with them because after you might have gone extra miles for them, they will always leave and go for break again till they need you.

They Always Want To Get Others Attention: They are fake and they need the world to see them do what they do because these things are not also real. They try their best to impress people around them at the slightest opportunity. Real people don’t make announcement of themselves. Their good deeds and original achievements reveal them and make them known. Don’t be ignorant of this point, move away from people that always want to be noticed.The easiest place to find them is on the social media. They post what they are not simply to make the world see them as the perfect and real individual. The few who know them so well can always identify the differences between their real life and social media life.Fake friends not real

Their Words And Actions Don’t Match: This is related to the last point. They say what they don’t do, or do what they will never say. Be smart enough by asking them same questions over and over at intervals. You will always see the inconsistency from their responses.

Fake people are everywhere. We have encountered them at one point or the other, and some of us have experienced the damages they can cause.

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