One of the instruments in the hands of achievers and winners is critical thinking skill on any issues before them. It is importance because it helps the thinkers to have a clear and rational view about what to do and how to do it.

At one point or the other, dreamers are always met with various decisions. Going for anyhow decision is likely to be a suicide mission. Every step must be given a critical attention through thinking. 

In this video, some always  try to avoid the idea of thinking. Thinking cannot be dodged, it can only be delayed. No matter how much you drink alcohol to avoid thinking, or go to parties, it will still come when you are alone at any point.

Critical thinking is what you will do, why not take your time and do that? Thinking has the ability of helping you to think your way through. Running away from thinking is a bad idea. It is better to give attention to it and be critical about it.

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