Love and money are two beautiful factors in every man’s life. Love is interesting, money is great as some people will say. In a way, the two factors are important. Everyone will tell you they are both important.

We are interested in knowing which is more important, and this has taken us to our readers to seek for their opinions on which is more important and why?


Location: Nigeria.

Profession: Student of the University of Ibadan.

Money is more important in any relationship. Oh yes Love is important but for love to blossom, it needs money to water it’s ground. Therefore, money is more important than love in any relationship.

I’m speaking from experience. I once loved Mr. A so much but he has no dime, I was the only one making things happen in the relationship, I fed, clothed and do everything for Mr A because I love him so much and I was so happy doing all of these . Our love grew stronger but deep down within me, this isn’t what I want.

After like 2 years of our relationship, I met Mr. B,  I didn’t love him at first but he has money and he’s giving me all I wanted at that time, even I fed Mr. A with part of the money I got from Mr. B. Along the line, I started loving Mr. B. At some point, I did not care about Mr. A anymore, I loved Mr. B more and I even told Mr. A about Mr. B. I didn’t care about Mr. A’s feelings anymore because I’ve started loving Mr. B.

Relationship needs something to live on. Without that thing, it won’t survive and that’s why I advise people not to go into any relationship without nothing to offer, Such relationship won’t last. Both of you should make  money first.

Яна Андреева 

Location: Russia

Profession: Ph.D Student, Tyumen State University.

I think that love is more important because money can be earned, but love cannot. Money can be touched and seen. Love is something abstract, high, invisible. Love is harder to get so it’s more important than money that is easier to get.


Location: United State

Profession: Entrepreneurship

Love and money are both essential to any successful marriage. Love is important, likewise money. If there is love and no money, human beings can get frustrated with life.

Honestly, money doesn’t bring happiness but I will appreciate both to be in any home.

For any couple to enjoy a modern life, there has to be money, because modern life is really expensive. Buying a nice house, good cars etc. We all want to enjoy luxury. All these at the long run helps to strengthen love.

Yusuf Amolegbe

Location: Nigeria

Profession: Banking

Hmm, honestly you can’t place one above the other. Love is important, so is money. From the traditional perspective of how society sees relationship and responsibility, you would expect that the man needs to have more money than the woman. So, the money issue is mostly the man’s problem.

Having said that, a relationship where there is no money (and the lady too can’t exactly cater for herself), the chances of infidelity is really high. The deteriorated morality in our current society also makes it worse. No matter how much the girl loves the guy, when she has pressing needs the guy can’t meet, and she does not have any means to raise it there will be this strong temptation to cheat on her guy with another guy who can meet her needs.

She may not necessarily love the other guy but she may have to keep him to get what she wants. This is not exclusive to girls only, I have seen guys who date a girl for her wealth too. Maybe money most times may not be the reason to start genuine relationship, but it’s usually necessary to have it to keep it real. Maybe not 100% of relationships, but definitely above 75% of relationships. Money is one reason, to ensure fidelity

Another reason is this, even if the girl doesn’t cheat and the guy doesn’t cheat either… Let’s say the love is real and the couple do not attach much importance to material things, in this kind of relationship, the end game is usually marriage. The truth is that nobody (guy or girl) wants to enter a marriage without at least the promise of financial security in the nearest future if not immediately.  You don’t want to go to a marriage where you don’t see a financial gratification in the shortest possible time, you want to live at least comfortably too.

There is an exception to this, maybe people who think that age is not by their side anymore and just needs to get married to the next available option. Even in such marriages, they have problem in the long run when there’s no money

You see, Love is important to create a strong bond between partners. But money is equally important to maintain the bond and make it grow stronger.

Love is overrated to be honest. Relationship is never all about love. There are just too many variables to consider. Money and love together are just a fraction of the whole cake. A balanced relationship definitely needs love but so does it need money

That’s all I have for now.

Wow, amazing points from our readers? Kindly drop what you think in the comment box and let other people learn from you. Which do you think is more important? Love or Money? And why? 

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