Miss Africa Russia and Don Zubby Entertainment are prepared for their collaboration in this year’s autumn for Africans in Russia. The event is tagged ‘Show your style party’. It will be held on the 13th of November, Dubai Lounge, Moscow city.

Miss Africa Russia (MAR) delivers, to Africans in Russia, an African queen annually. Meanwhile, organizing competition for African ladies to contest for this title is not the only direction of MAR. According to the CEO, Miss Africa Russia, David Habila, “MAR is aimed at empowering and supporting at least 20 talents (Africans) every year.” This may be achieved through the annual contest in Moscow or other cities. It may as well be achieved through an event like this, ‘Show your style party’. David said.

Don Zubby Entertainment is one of the highly respected entertainment bodies among Africans in Russia. Don Zubby is known for his efforts in the promotion of artists and events in and beyond the city of Moscow. 

Miss Africa Russia | 2021 Full Event


What To Expect From The Show Your Style Party

According to David, this is a fresh direction that we are taking our beautiful ladies and handsome men to. “We are not limited to taking fashion to young African ladies in Russia. We are also determined to take fashion to both old and young, including families” He said.

The performing artist of the day is Frezzi baba, winner of African artist of the year, 2021, by AfrikaPlus based in St. Petersburg. “This year’s autumn entertainment is back to back.” Don Zubby said.  According to him, Moet and Henessy Night is coming on the 24th of October at Enjoy Lounge. Come November again, we have show your style party. 

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The organizers have declared ‘Show your style party challenge’ across Russian cities. Any African guy or lady can make a video of him or herself to show his/her style and send it to MAR through their instagram handle, @missafricarussia. According to the CEO of MAR, the highest likes, comments and re-post shall be declared winner and win a sum of $100.

In addition, judges shall choose another winner on the event’s day. Participants are expected to come as early as possible to have a chance for the prize. Winners shall be determined right from red carpet. The winner will be going home with a flat screen television. According to the CEO of Don Zubby Entertainment, everyone coming is expected to see him or herself as a winner, and be ready to go home with this prize.