NEVER GIVE UP! It is normal if you are tired, it is normal if you are scared, it is normal if you really feel like giving up. But, don’t give up. Giving up destroys the whole work so far and makes the possible an ordinary dream.

No matter how rough the road is, DO NOT GIVE UP. I always tell people this, if Jesus could cry to the father in heaven when he was about to be crucified, why won’t you cry? When won’t you feel like running off your responsibilities. But, DON’T!

The days will be bright again. Things will work out again. From my experience, I have come to conclusion that no all standing challenges are really standing, you just keep going. Some will met immediately they see you near them, and some will still stand firm. But if you believe and you really want it, you will overcome.

There is no amount of motivation anyone can give you not to give up when you are at the edge of doing so. You are your best motivator. The only way you can motivate yourself is hold on to a very strong why you must not give up. These WHYs are your reason to never give up.

Be strong, the battle will soon be over.

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