NO PERFECT TIME THAN NOW. The greatest mistake anyone can make is waiting for the perfect time. There is no perfect time anywhere. You need to START NOW and stop waiting. 

Yes! You are not to pick wrongly, neither are you to rush into anything that comes your way. In fact, you are to be strategic and be careful in starting any kind of journey in life. But, the question is, are you waiting or you are building?

It is no longer a news, neither is it coming to your attention for the first time that not all dreams and desires come as quickly as we want. It always take its time till the right moment. This ‘right moment’ is what we call ‘God’s time’. And while you are expecting the right time, what are you doing? My interest is to know what you are doing before the arrival of the ‘right time’? Are you waiting or you are preparing for that moment?



Don’t be a waiter! Waiters don’t utilize the right time. They are always caught unaware despite the long time of expecting the right moment. Those who build ahead of time always utilize, because they are always prepared for the moment.

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Can u imagine two friends who were told they would be going on a traveling out of the country for a month. One of them took his time to renew his international passport, understand the whether of the environment he is going, and took his take to have a deeper knowledge of what their journey is all about. The second guy did not bother to even visit the immigration for passport, not to talk of knowing what the whether is like at the other side.

It was time for them to travel. Your guess is as good as mine. He was unable to join the team. The point is this. They are both qualified, but one was prepared, while the other was not. It is one thing to be qualified for it, it is another for you to be prepared for it. Do not just get qualified, but get prepared.

The 10 virgins were qualified to welcome and feast with the bridegroom, but only five got prepared… Stop Waiting, Please Start Building.

Pick up your dream, pursue it, believe in it, trust God achieving it, and be prepared for it. See yourself there. You deserve to get the best from it as you have waited enough.

If you are waiting, you are planning to fail. Start building/preparing now! No better time than now.

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