Online shopping in Nigeria is increasing day by day. According to a statistic released on the number of online shoppers in Nigeria (2020), 76.7 million out of the 206 million population buy online, source. It’s also foreseen that there would be more increment as time goes on due to the development of internet and its usage.

In the midst of this growth, there are tips to shopping right and paying less. Appearance shows the manner, and the way you dress dictates how you will be treated, they say. When you dress great you’re treated great and when you dress anyhow you’re treated lowly.

You can shop the Gucci, Versace, Visada jauna, Denim jeans, Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph, Oxford design etc at a very low price with my recommended tips to shopping and paying less below.

There is nobody that deserves the mocking and low self-esteem at any event, party or outings. This is why it is important you always dress classy.

When others shop with exorbitant amounts, we are jealous and secretly wish to be like them simply because we want to be respected like them. There is no need for that anymore.

My social experience has gone far. I know, in almost every event, the designers you wear is one of the social ranking factors. As a smart man, that I am, I always command lines to my favour and this is what I want to teach you.

Now, I want to teach you how to dress elegantly, unique, noticeable with a low shopping and paying less tips.

5 Tips to shopping and paying less with online shops in Nigeria

Number one on my list, shop as much as you can at a discounted rate during promo like; black Friday, Eve package, Giveaway and opening of new store. Virtually all shops, online or offline are involved in giving discount on their products on these days mentioned above. Jumia, Konga, Shoprite and the rest do that. But in my experience, online store like Tiara Wears goes beyond that and still give discount on men’s day, women’s day, children’s day and other special days for each gender goods in their store.

Secondly, shop for only what you need at a time when you are shopping outside promo time. This is a wisdom of managing your resources, because it’s so certain that promo and discount will always come up.

Number three, shop the best colors pattern. This is a tip I’ve come to realize when it comes to dressing. Sometimes, the patterns you go for makes people assume the likely worth of what you are putting on. On this point, always go for color or patterns that suits on skin.

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Number four, patronize local shop regularly. There is no doubt that local shops, at times, have the same quality of what the big stores have and their price will be more cheaper than big stores. I understand that price is a measure of quality for some people. Meanwhile, all it takes is someone that knows quality when you see or feel it. If you can identify good quality on sight or touch, local shops are good place for you to shop big and pay less.

My real secret which is the last point here, get a specific place for all your shopping. This builds a great relationship between you and the store. I will recommend Tiara wears online store for this. Their response to customer is fast, you can communicate them via chat on their website or through their android and ios application on phones. They always have package for loyal customers. I see them as a usual Nigeria market on the internet.  

Quick secret: Don’t hesitate to negotiate some prices with them at Tiara wears store even when they are not on promo. I hope no one hears that.This has been working for me because I make them my regular online shop for wears.

Article written by: Adedamola Adeniji (Social analyst)