The pains behind success stories are not what you can just imagine in the blink of an eye. Bloods and tears are prices paid by many. Stop being disturbed that no one sees you, or no one knows about your struggles. 

They did not see the way you persevere and keep fighting through the hard days. You kept pushing and pushing until the pain stopped. Late night you are always stayed up, you woke up early, they did not see. You sacrifice the parties and the date nights. Money came in slowly… 


YOU ARE NOT ALONE. That is just life. Bill Gate says- “Life is unfair, get used to it”. There is no reason for you to be complaining. All you have to do is to get focused and keep going. They will all see you when you become successful.

Each time I’m down because of the ‘They did not see me‘ syndrome, I quickly remind myself ‘Everyone is busy fighting their own battles’. And trust me, if you think so deeply about this, some people are really willing to be with you in the dark days, but they are also busy fighting their own battles.

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