These are just selected 6 (six) relationship questions from the numerous. In case we are not able to touch that area that concerns you, don’t hesitate to drop your questions via comment box. Thank you.

Q 1: How do I know the right person I can marry?

If I will be honest with you, no man or woman can really know the right person. This can only be known by the maker who knows who He has created and who can fit each person. Allow God to choose that spouse for you.

Marriage goes beyond your own desire and expectations. I want a tall, fair, slim, humble, God fearing, rich and quiet person. Your list is unending, you can get these qualities in a person and still the person might not be right for you.

It is possible to like and love someone and bring such individual to God for blessing which is called permissive will. At the other hand, you can allow God to speak to you concerning that area in the place of prayer. He knows who fits perfectly my dear sister and brother. I have the experience of the two in relationship and I decided to follow God’s will and I have never regretted that decision. Recently, God showed me in a revelation after four years of my marriage what would have happened if I married the other person, and I just gave God thanks.

Q 2: How do I know God’s will for my life?

Hmmm, I hear many people ask this question but the simple truth is that you must have a personal relationship with God. Relationship like a father-son or father-daughter before you can know His mind. For example, you can’t just walk up to a father you don’t know to ask for your school fee when school resumes. What makes you go to your father is because you are sure he can and will provide it for you, it’s like that with God too.

Build a relationship with God. Talk to Him through prayer and worship. Have an altar where you meet each day at your quiet time. And don’t be in haste in the place of prayer to rush out. God speaks at all times and on every issue. So, start with small things like; Can I go to where I want to go now? How do I spend this money? Before you go on about relationship.

If He has not been speaking on other matters, you can’t know how he speaks about relationships. God speaks through so many ways.

  • He can speak to you in an audible voice that is clear.
  • Through dreams and revelation.
  • Through a small still voice.
  • Through inner witness.
  • Through the word of God.
  • Through His prophets.

But God do use more than a method to speak on so many issues so that will help you to test all spirits for confirmation. Before I married my husband, we were sure because He spoke through the word, He gave us the same scripture at different times, we heard His voice, there were confirmations from more than one spiritual person.

Q 3: Can I visit my fiancé or fiancée?

Yes, you can visit but please don’t visit at odd times. And also be careful and sensitive. It calls for self-discipline to be able to say no to temptation. Flee every appearances of evil. Not pray, neither is it speak in tongues. If his or her house is not suitable, look for a good meeting place like eatery, church, etc. You need to see in courtship to pray and discuss too.

Q 4: Can I visit my in-law to be?

Yes you can. Courtship should not start until parents of both parties are aware of the relationship. There are a lot to learn and know during visits to their place.

Q 5: What if his or her parent is not in support of the relationship, what should I do?

Don’t proceed into marriage until his or her parent agrees. Pray to God to touch their heart. Hearts of kings are in the hand of God. If God says that is your spouse, tell Him to perfect and step into that area too and believe He will.

Sometimes God hardens the heart of parent for a purpose, it may be because you are about taking the wrong decision. So be patient, and seek God’s face.

Q 6: Can I wash my fiance’s cloth, cook for him in courtship?

There is no rule that is against this, it depends on individuals involved. If you don’t wash or cook now, you will do it later. You can cook or wash for him when you visit and you can decide not to, it depends on you. And if you do, the guy should not take it for granted and get angry when the lady comes another time and decides not to do house chores.

I will advise if you will do, please don’t let it be all the time. You are only assisting him whenever you choose to and sometimes you can decide to sit and be cooked and served for as the queen you are. This should extend into marriage. Cook for your spouse nice and health nourishing meals, wash his cloth and the man should always assist to do it.

Your wife is not a housemaid, cook, laundry woman. All the work is yours, she is just to help you but today reversed is the case. While the wife is cooking, the husband can help with the dishes. While doing it together in love, you can be discussing and playing along. It adds spices to marriage.


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