Setting a goal is one of the major factors that can help anyone achieve his or her purpose in life. Without this, the chances of achieving dreams is as low as ZERO. This article is to tell you why you must set goals and not wishes.


All these are not goals. Take it or leave it, they are wishes. And wishes don’t come through without setting goals.

Goals are what you have in sections and they must be written down. They will guard your daily activities towards your wishes. Goals are what you must do, knowing nothing will happen without them.

I want to be successful. The questions are; What is success to you? As what do you want to be successful? You must be able to know how you see success. Do you see success as lots of monies in your account, or making impact? Knowing this will definitely help you know to what extent you want to go in life.

For you to achieve this success, what can you do? What do you have as a skill that can earn you this wish or desire? Search through. I hope you find that without stress. Make sure whatever you want to do towards a successful life is what you have passion for, and what you don’t need a vacation from.

When you know this, how do you achieve it? An answer to this is what we call goals setting. Set goals in stages. Set short term goals and long term goals.

Five (5) Elements of Goals Setting

Specific – Don’t be vague. Write them out clearly without confusion.

Measurable – Quantify your goal

Challenging and Attainable – Don’t set too easy goals, and be honest with yourself on how you can achieve whatever you have written.

Realistic – Real and practical

Time-based – Set time for yourself that you want each goal to be achieved.

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Learn how to evaluate your goals. For instance, you can evaluate your goals in process or at the end of your time frame. This is necessary because failure to achieve a particular goal has a tendency of affecting another. This is due to the fact that goals are lined up to meet a particular target.

When setting goals, set goals that are bigger than you. Set goals that will make you go extra mile. Make sure your goals excite you and scare you at the same time. This is important has it helps to fight against procrastination. We tend to procrastinate things we can do easily without stress more than things we considered more challenging.

Nothing good comes easily. Don’t think it is not possible. Our universe was created in stages. Learn how to structure the achievement of your dreams in stages with goals. The process might not be fun, but the goals should be because these are goals set to achieve your dreams, and your passion is a product of the dreams.

If you find it difficult to set a goal, and doing it seems so impossible or too difficult for you, I dare you to take a fresh look on your dream. Do you have the right dream? Is your dream what you really have passion for? If your answers to these two questions are YES, face it, and beat it.

Set your daily, weekly and monthly goals now. Write your goals down and place it where you can always see it everyday. Sacrifice your date for your future. Sacrifice the ladies or guys hangout for your future.

Setting goals will make you know your purpose for waking up each morning you open your eyes. Start living a purpose driven life. I dare you to set goals today and not wishes.

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