It is important you take note of these steps towards a stable relationship as essential ingredients needed in bringing certainty towards your love life.

Whenever you see the word perfection, be aware it’s simply used interchangeably with ‘towards perfection’ . I am not here to tell you how much you can have a perfect relationship, because it does not exist.

Below are 5 steps that can help you work towards a stable relationship;

1. Always look at issues from other people’s view

Look at issues from other's view
Be in unity with your partner. Don’t be the boss

Boss man or iron lady. This is what they call you and it seems cool for it, even under the same roof with your partner? That is the end of the beginning of the stable relationship or home.

Look at all issues with your partner. Don’t be too certain. Don’t impose what you think about an issue, especially if they are decision of interest. Look into the view of your partner, weigh it well. Be sincere, if you think it’s too weak to be considered, let him or her know and present your view. If stronger than yours, embrace it, after all, it’s for the good of you too. You are not competing.

Why must your partner be the one shifting base for you every time? That does not make you a man; it only makes you a builder of another man like you under the same roof. It’s always good they remain the woman they are.

Let me quickly give you an assignment which will explain this better. Observe at least two homes you think they are happy and progressing in your opinion and jot down things you can obverse. One of the few points you will write down is ‘they both have a say, might not be 50/50, but it’s respected’.

2. Be Prepared To Build One Another

You must realize having a partner is not solely for having sex or getting regular goodies from them. When too much attention is placed on the fun part, the reality gets to be a shock at the long run.

You must be ready to be a builder who will bring out the best out of his/her partner. It is always good if you can go as far as bringing out that which he or she is not even aware of having. Building your partner is you understanding him and helping out to suit the expected result.

Warning! Kindly avoid imposing decisions of ideas in the name of building your partner. It takes patience, and constituency using a mature and romantic approach.

3. Be Matured Enough To Ignore Anger

Be matured to ignore anger
Anger kills stable relationship

You love someone doesn’t mean he or she will not get you upset or angry. The question is, how strong are you to ignore what is meant to get you angry? If you see any perfect home or stable relationship today, that does not mean they don’t sometimes get each other provoked. What makes the difference is the way they address issues.

A friend told me of how much the lady he loved never provoked him or get him angry like other previous relationships. You can guess my simple response. She is possibly not pushing you hard yet. If she is pushing you and you are not angry, your love for her is still hot and fresh. If she is not pushing you yet, then the love is still all over her. Reality is not yet dawn on you.

The moment of reality will soon come. Stay prepared for this moment and recognize it when it comes around. All you need to do is ignore! The moment you welcome the idea to stay too long especially in your mind and you think about it alone, you are writing letter to fault finding in the relationship.

Love itself is kind and awesome, but how about the actors of love? We determine how awesome and kind love is.

Don’t keep offence, they say, but must you express what you do not like immediately? Must you express it at a time when it can ignite more? Simply identify what you don’t like that might get you angry again and again, but discuss it at the best time. When is the right time? Pay attention, you will know.

4. Be A Contributor To Dreams

Contribute to partner's dream
Help partners to achieve his or her dream

One, the fastest way of losing a partner is not supporting him or her. Two, the greatest way of making yourself relevant even if you end up not getting married is you supporting his or her dream. Three, Why is an ex begging to come back? There is a vacuum unfilled. Warning! Not all ex are coming back for good. (Watch out for how to handle my ex soon).

Contribute to dream, let your partner see you as business partner. That is the only time he or she can discuss deep issues of the business with you. Make sure you know something about his or her job. How do we expect a lawyer to know all about medical career? You don’t need to know all. He or she is not also expecting you to know all. But, stop frustrating his effort in gisting you about some medical process. Imagine you making point when she tells you a challenge at work and your point is valid. Are you not relevant? Don’t make him or her start seeking for who he can share work stress with.

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Must I support all his/her dreams? What if it is not a good and valuable dream? The simple question to ask you is, what do you know about him or her before? You met a lady in a club and you love her. In fact, you gave her more of your attention because of how she danced the last night you met. After 6 months of relationship, she tells you she wants to be a dancer and you are saying no because that would expose her to the world. Why can’t she be a dancer, and you be her manager? Nothing is bad in that, after all, you both understand the business because you are both exposed to going out so well. You are simply saying no because of the fear of unknown.

Discuss before you go too far in your relationship. Ask about who or what each other want to become. If there is need for a change, the two of you will see how essential it is. This is another area where seeing things from each other perspective comes in.

5. Set Your Priority Right In Your Relationship

relationship right priority
Unity and peace in relationship

What do you want in your relationship or your home? Do you want a home or relationship that follows the blue print of the societal expectations? Do you want a peaceful home? Do you want to have a home that will one day become an empire?

Oh, let me start from the last question. You want a home that will one day become an empire and you do not respect the decision and opinion of your partner. The vision is just cut off. For your home to establish an empire, your partner is a stakeholder.

Ignore what the society is saying about the definition of happy home, the two of you should agree what makes a happy home. Agreeing together and running things together brings great offers to the table for the two of you.

None of these steps towards a stable relationship is automatic in being effective. You are expected to play your role so well in making it work. Best of Luck in making love stay.

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