Can I study and work in Russia? This is one of the top questions for people out there, especially, those who are planning to study abroad. Quick answer, Russia is one of the countries that is not easy to get an official job as a student. Among many other reasons is the language barrier.

Nevertheless, an interview with Charity Effah proves that there is no limitation for real hustlers. She revealed the challenges of her hustling when she started and how she overcame them all as a student entrepreneur.

Charity Effah, 24 years old, is from Ghana. She is the 5th child of her family. Charity is in her 3rd year studying Oil and Gas Engineering in the Industrial University, Tyumen. Upon her arrival to Russia, she learned Russian language for 6  months. Her role model is Michelle Obama.

“Making the most out of today and knowing that the persistent achieves more than the talented.” – Charity’s Philosophy of life

She is a hair stylist, an English language teacher and one of the recognized African models in Russia. Charity is looking forward to becoming a great fashionista and an influencer. She has participated in several beauty contests such as; Miss Ghana Russia, Miss Studorodok among others. Many of her followers on instagram love her for set of classy photos and this has opened many doors for her in Russia.

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Message from Charity Effah on study and work in Russia

What do you do as an entrepreneur here in Russia?

As a business minded person; I make hair, sell hair products, teach English language and I’m also into cultural dance.

How are you managing them together, especially with your studies?

Honestly, It is hectic. Nevertheless, it’s all about planning. For hair making, I place my clients on days I have few lessons on campus, I do the same for my English language students. For the dance, it’s mostly on weekends and holidays. It’s practically not easy, but we are moving.

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How do you manage to communicate with your Russian clients?

From the start it was kind of hectic. Later I started learning some phrases related to my work. All I will say is, it takes determination and strong will power to overcome the language barrier. I went extra mile on myself so as to have good communication with my clients. This is applicable to my English Language students as well, because they are Russians too.

Any message for other foreigners in Russia or those that are just coming in.

My message for those in Russia is for us all to stay faithful to our primary purpose here in Russia, which is our studies. Nevertheless, we can always get some things done aside. We should make the most out of today. For the incoming ones, you must have heard a lot about Russia being a cold and racist country. But, for any situation, there is a positive and negative aspect. It’s your choice to identify the positive and make use of it.