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The Momentum Motivational Tv is determined to make available not just articles, but articles that have lives. Each article is expected to sustain itself in the mind of our readers for years. This can only be done by making the contents problem solving.  

Whenever people hear the word motivation, they think it is all about making money. In our dictionary, we are not only determined to motivate our readers into making money, but also living a health and happy lives.

That is to tell you that the door is really opened for writers from all areas of life to be a contributor to this call, as long as the content is within our vision and under our stated categories.

Importance Of Submitting Your Articles To TMtv

You will become a global life-saver: Many are dying everyday based on their levels of frustrations, and the root cause of this is ‘lack of appropriate knowledge about life’. Their mentality has been registered that ‘suicide’ takes away their burden. To submit your article to TMtv is the first step taken to saving lives of unknown, but frustrated people out there. Your content can as well help people to make right choices in relationship or career.

You will become more relevant with your talent: The Momentum Motivational Tv is a fast rising motivational channel on YouTube and other social media. Readers and followers are increasing by the day. We have our readers all over the world. To submit your article to TMtv is the second step taken to becoming famous with what you ate good at. Your contents will not be limited to your region, but will be made relevant to the world at large.

We will grow you more: We shall in our capacity grow you more beyond writing on our website. At least two of your social media handles will be attached to your articles for readers to have a direct access to you for further discussion. That is an opportunity for you to be more relevant and for you to grow through your contributions.

How Can You Submit Article And What Are The Conditions?

As much as we want people to contribute and join this train, we are not ready to compromise with junks and deceits. We will not allow contents that will do more damage to the lives of our readers.

* We will not accept any content that is written round advertising any product(s) or services. If needs be for products to be mentioned, we only accept you directing our readers to the right places. For example; you are writing on health and you need to mention a particular medicine. We will only accept you advising our readers to visit their doctors for appropriate drugs.

Exception: There shall be an exception if the topic you are writing on is comparison of products or why a particular product should be avoided for healthy living.

* The Momentum Motivational Tv has readers all over the countries. Be sure your content considers all readers not minding where they are reading from. In cases where you want to talk of a particular area, kindly be specific for proper clarifications.

* Any content published on our website will not be allowed to be published on any other website or blog, or any other social media without our permission.

* Your content must be original. We will not accept duplicating other people’s contents and presenting it as your own.

Process Of Getting Your Content Published On Our Website

* Stage 1: You are to write a three paragraphs letter with the subject “Application as a contributor” to our e-mail address (E-mail: following the stages below.


Why The Momentum Motivational Tv

Your area of interests from our categories. Not more than two please (Relationship, Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, Stories, Personal development, Risk taking).

Kindly supply at least one of your social media handle.

* Stage 2: We will go through your e-mail and respond accordingly. If we can work together, we will give you topics to write on.

* Stage 3: You are to write and submit at your convenient time under 30 days.

Note: Our support team will write to remind you at an interval of a week from the day you are given a topic. Failure to deliver after 30 days, we will consider you not interested in writing on the topic given to you.

* Our text format is “Times New Roman”, minimum of 600 words, size 12 with line spacing 1.5

Thank you for your interest with The Momentum Motivational Tv.

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