The fear of success sounds unbelievable to many readers. I won’t be surprised if you are curious. Success is one of the controversial topics in the world. Everyone obviously wants to be successful, yet we see success from different perspectives.

What is Success?

Success to some people is when they have more than enough money to probably show their ‘enemies’ that they have finally arrived.

To others, it is the acquisition of wealth that can make them get recognized as wealthy men in their communities or societies.

Meanwhile, some sees it as just the ability to take care of family members and able to have basic needs as human.

But to some, it is a stage of making impact in the life of generations; either through words (preachers, motivational speakers, teachers etc) or through money (philanthropist).

The Fear of Success?

The Fear of success is that kind of fear of “what would become of me when my success comes?” It is a feeling you have considering the responsibilities attached to your success. It is always being said, ‘man by nature do not show his right characters until he is successful’. Men seem extremely humble and loyal when things are not forthcoming as expected, but misbehave after achieving the desired.

This is evident in the life of many Christians. Majority can die on alters praying for God’s help, and after all, they end up using the word “busy” for the Lord. According to Andrew Wommack, “success has destroyed more people than hardship and failure ever has”.

I remembered my university days in the school fellowship, there was always a change of leadership every year. The president or ‘papa’ (daddy), as some fellowships prefer to call it, is the highest office anyone can hold. This is the office they always call last, and it’s always the most dramatic and emotional moment for all the fellowship members.

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Two things happen when a fellowship president is announced. He will either run out of the church, they run after him and carry him inside or he bursts into uncontrollable tears. ‘Wow, eyea’…the church reacts.

I always wonder why the tears, it took me many years to know that it is the fear of responsibilities. What a true success does is bringing before you responsibilities.

You should not only desire for any form of success you are dreaming of, but you should be prepared. In the preparation lies your true success when it comes. This is one secret some have realized, and this make them to rely solely on God. It is indeed only by His grace and self discipline that you can escape the destruction that dwells in success.

The fear of success is the beginning of wisdom, but keep no fear in your heart, only be seeking for grace to remain faithful even when the success is all over you.



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