The price we pay for success varies. Some pay less, some pay more. This has nothing to do with unfairness of life. The major reason some pay lesser than others is simply because some people must have subsidize it for them. And for those who pay higher, they may have to pay on their own, or even pay for their next generations.

Without stressing you out too much on this, the price for success is the extra pain you are willing to take. I call it pain because that is what it looks like when you are paying it. The sleepless night you have without reward for months is truly painful. The extra muscle you have to pull in that training ground is painful. Your decision to study hard for success takes pain. Your friends are in the club and on date but you chose work over fun, these are not something so pleasing.

But, you should feel less pain in this process because your eyes are on the goal. You looking straight into your goal will keep pushing you, and telling you ‘This must just be done’.


Each time you take that pay for your set goal, you just make a payment for your greatness. You can pay fast, you can pay slowly, and you can decide not to pay at all. One thing is certain, life has a way of giving you what you paid for.

All the great men we have in the world put in the work to become whatever they are today. No athlete will be known for greatness without paying her price in the back door. One beautiful thing about the price for greatness is that, you pay it in the secret, but earn your reward in the opening. On the other side of it, you have the tendency of paying it alone, but several people will benefit from your result.

That is just life. Call it unfair, or whatever, THAT IS JUST LIFE.

Pay the price. Bear the pain now, and the rewards will assuredly come. Don’t be deceived, nothing good comes on the platter of gold.

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