“The Results Will Come”. Whatever you do, there is always a result. You will see the result if you can sweat it out. You will see the result if you choose fun over work. There is a result for everyday activities. Your today is the outcome of what you put in yesterday, and your tomorrow will be the outcome of what you are putting in today. Therefore, work harder.

The result will come if you can go more further than where your natural strength can take you. It will come if you can put in your best. Life is ready to give you as much as you can dare.

How many hours do you spend everyday towards achieving your purpose? You think those doing better than you in your line of business sleep the same time you sleep? Do you think they don’t go beyond the limit of their strength because they want to be the best? The only thing that makes them better than you is that they are doing something extra you are not doing yet or not well enough.

You want to party and sleep all the semester as a student, the results will come. It is good to stay healthy, but you don’t dance to the tune of your body every time as a winner. You push beyond the limit, break limitations and make yourself better than yesterday.

The result will come if you refuse to quit. It will come! Don’t worry, don’t be bothered, keep doing it. Keep going deeper in it. Have the right motivation to face your challenges, they will bow and you will see the outcome.

The result will come if you are committed to finding a way. Stop giving excuses. Get committed, there is always a way for everyone with a will. 

I don’t know what you are trying to achieve and it’s like nothing is coming out of it, keep up your best, and raise up the confidence in yourself, the result will come.

Watch this video ‘The result will come’ motivation, see what your commitment and determination can offer you. Remind yourself with the statements in this view, and mean it.


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