Arewa Glamour in an interview reveals the reasons for seven (7) years break of the brand name and why the name has decided to storm the fashion industry of Nigeria afresh. The Momentum Tv identified such a determined spirit and took time to engage the creative director, Owolabi Aminat in an interview to know why the long break and what is new in the return of Arewa Glamour.

Owolabi Aminat Sheriff hails from Osun State. She graduated in the year 2013 as a first class student in the department of Mass Communication, Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin. Her achievement gave her an automatic recognition to secure a job as a lecturer in the same department. She got the best graduating student in her set and a PhD scholarship award which she is presently benefiting from.

Now, Owolabi Aminat Sheriff is a wife toMr. Sheriffdeen, lecturer in Al-Hikmah University, and the creative director of Arewa Glamour fashion outfit.

Arewa glamour interview

Interview With Aminat Owolabi Sheriff, Creative Director, Arewa Gamour

As far as I know, Arewa glamour is not a new brand name. Why the break and why the return?

Yes. I launched Arewa Glamour as a brand name in 2012 while I was going to my final year in school. A fashion show was organized by Arewa Glamour  in the capital city of Osun State which was first in the state and that served as an avenue to launch the brand name.

I continued running it till 2013 when Marriage came in. Also, serving my dear Nation- Nigeria and the automatic Job I got immediately after NYSC got me overwhelmed. And then, I focused on my Master’s degree and researches. All of these were important events in my life which forced me to take a break.

That is no doubt a well spent 7 years. Now that Arewa Gamour is back, what’s new?

During the long break, I took my time to re-strategies, study more about African Fashion and also did few training to improve my skills.

Now, Arewa Glamour concentrates more on Ready-to-wear, which was not really part of our services before.  

Also, we have improved our packaging to add more humor, social value and class to our customers.

Most importantly, there are more creative staff that are part of Arewa Glamour team. And our location has changed as we use a more serene environment with beautiful ambience for our store.

Interview with Arewa Glamour

Your return into this business shows how determined you are with your business idea. What’s your goal? Where do you see Arewa glamour in the year 2025? 

Majorly, all business goals are PROFIT. That’s not different from our goal. Aside profit, I intend to have clothing line that delivers affordable but not cheap outfits to my target audience. I wish to redefine fashion and style with modesty.

By 2025, Arewa Glamour will have a wardrobe in at least a city in the 36 states of Nigeria. Arewa Glamour would be an household brand name that majority of individual in Nigeria will be identified with.

I believe you can get that done with your high level of determination and passion. Is there any platform for people to see your works?

Yes. Currently, we only have Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp catalogue to post our products and archive them. People place their orders via these platforms.


Whatsapp catalogue:

Arewa GlamourLet’s digress a bit, is this your only business or you do something else along side?

Laugh! I am a university lecturer.

As a lecturer and a fashion stylist, how convenient is it running the two together?

Hmmmm. Not really easy nor too comfortable. But doing nothing too is not easy. It is better to be busier than being idle.

With the support of my special husband, my entire family members and my staff, everything is under control. All it takes is proper planning and judicious use of time. Lastly, everything is fun when your passion motivates you.

Which side of these professions do you love most? Academic or fashion?

I love both sides. In fact, these two professions are reflected in my dress sense and style. It’s easy for me to switch from Mrs. Sheriff to Arewa Glamour anytime, anywhere.

I love teaching. I love my students, I use my dress sense to teach them modesty as well. And of course, I love fashion. So, I am a lecturer when necessary, and a professional fashion stylist when I should be.

You have really proven yourself to be a strong and determined woman in this generation. Please, can you tell The Momentum Tv what success is in your opinion.

Success is a relative term anyway. However, I will define success as that point of satisfaction in whatever you do.

Thank you. Any words for your prospective customers? Like what should they be expecting soon from you and how can they have access to you?

Hahaaaaa….. those are my rock, my inspiration, my backbone and supporters. Let me borrow celebrities’ terms, “They are my FANS”.

I just want to assure them that we either satisfy them affordably or satisfy them affordably. We are ready to WOW them and make them stick to us as their #1 wardrobe stylist.

We will be releasing new collections back to back while we pray to God to enrich their pockets with healthy body and soul to rock our products.

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