What you do in courtship tells if it is a christian or casual courtship. Read through this article to identify the tips on christian courtship. These tips are meant to guide you not to be unequally yoked with the world in running a Godly courtship. 

What Is Courtship?

The first tip of courtship as a christian can be seen from these definitions or explanations. Courtship is a period when a man and a woman or a guy and a lady in a relationship decide to move their relationship forward towards marriage. It starts from when the parents of the two sides or their spiritual leaders are aware of their relationship. It is quite different from dating. Courtship entails planning and preparation towards a set goal.

Courtship is the time to know each other. To know the will of God for their lives. It is a time to discuss their past, their present and their future. It is a period I call ‘to get serious’. Before a courtship can start, you must have ascertained that the person is the will of God for your life. That is the only guarantee for a successful marriage. That is why a broken relationship or courtship, (no matter the time and emotions spent in it) is better than a broken marriage.

Must courtship leads to Marriage?

The seconds tip on christian courtship is to tell you that it is not a do or die affair. Courtship does not necessarily need to grow into marriage if the people involved cannot agree to be in agreement on some cogent issues of their lives. Can two walk together, except they agreed? (Amos 3:3). In other words, courtship is a period dedicated to study and understand each other to be able to live together as husband and wife.

There must be adequate preparation because the bible as likened the issues of marriage to someone trying to build a house. You must first sit down to count your cost and plan properly before building. So you must really sit down and be ready to know each other deeply. Your strength and weaknesses, your past life, present and your future plans.

What should be the Duration of a Courtship?

This has been one of the frequently asked questions of youths aiming to get married. I personally do not believe in too long or too short courtship. This is due to personal experience.

So, I would say, do not awaken love unless it is time. Long courtship has worked for some people while it brought about separation for some. I will advise that courtship should not start until the intending couple decides to have marriage in view. In other words, do not PROPOSE to a lady unless you are sure to settle down and don’t give a YES until you are ready.

Even if God tells you your wife at an earlier period, it is still very much important to wait till you are ready. God might decide to give you the information early so as to pray, plan and prepare.

So, with my little experience, I will say or advice courtship should be between six months and two years. Let me balance it; that does not mean we don’t have exceptions of duration of courtship extending beyond two years or below six months that still has God’s approval.

Written by: Adeola Olayinka (Marriage counselor)

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