How does it feel to be walking alone? It is very challenging, scaring and so confusing. Yes, I know. But what I don’t know is if you are at the edge of giving up and letting go. I say DO NOT GIVE UP, YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! These 4 questions and answers will help you to understand why you are walking alone, and remind you why you must never give up. Read and digest every lines in this article.

The topic of this article is direct, if you have clicked to read this, I am happy to say congratulations, because you are about to understand what you might not have known before now. You should leave this page with a strong mind, telling yourself you are not alone, even if it looks so.

Below are four answers to general questions by people on why they seems to be alone. These will guild you and remind you that no matter the fear and pressure, you are almost there.

Question 1: Why Am I Alone?

You are alone because you have what it takes to carry the burden alone. You are alone because you need the experience today for your greater place tomorrow. Do not give it up! Bring together all the energies within you and keep going.

‘The tallest mountain leads to the best view in life’. Climb with all the strength you have today, your tomorrow will appreciate you. Do not give up!

Trust me on this, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES FOR THE WALK, all you need is to recognize this and keep telling yourself “ I CAN! I AM ABLE!”

As you are walking alone, you are getting more stronger. As you are getting stronger, you are accumulating further strength to stand all challenges ahead of you tomorrow.

Question 2: Why me?

Never compare yourself with those who are not walking your road. What you carry is more loaded than what they carry. You are not walking this road alone for your today, but for your tomorrow.

Through this tough time, you will acquire more experience than they do. And that experience will take you farther ahead of them very soon.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.”- Bill Gate


Question 3: How long do I Walk Alone?

The good news, you will not walk alone forever. Someone is ahead of you waiting to see how far you can go with the journey. 

Prove to the world what you can, and be assured some people are looking for your personality. You will not walk alone forever!

Picture the finish line in your brain and let it keep pushing you forward.

If family is not responding, or your friends turn you down. Don’t be busy counting it against them. It is your life, make it count. These are parts of the prices we pay for greatness.

Question 4: Why is the journey so tough?

The journey is tough because your place needs tough experience in life. You are going to where you will meet people of different characters. You can only survive in their midst with the pain you have passed through and the courage you have acquired in the journey so far. The Lord is taking you to a place where your experience will distinguish you from the rest.


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