Many are trying daily, but statistics say only 1% succeed in life after all. The question is why? Why do only few succeed in life despite the fact that majority try daily to be successful?

What makes these 1% succesful is not a secret, I call it sacrifice. The few always make sacrifices many are not willing to make. It is not a secret. It is open and known to the majority, but how many are ready to pay the price?

A popular statistics show that only 1 percent are successful in the population. It sounds like a very tight race to win. Statistics never lie to those who accept failures and defeat. For those who are determined and strong, statistics is not their mindset.

Below Is My One Answer To Why Only 1% Succeed In Life

The successful people don’t accept the statistical report that limit their dreams. The most important to them is WHAT THEY SAY. Do you think you are among the 99% that fail and you cannot be among the 1% that succeed? What is your mindset about you?

The successful ones won’t say, “This is what statistics says…”, they rather say, “This is what I say…”. The successful refuse to accept the opinions of those who release the statistical report and whatever it says. The great men build their own mindset towards success and they set their own standard.  

Successful human beings KNOW with absolute certainty that their HEART, PASSION, DETERMINATION, DESIRE and RELENTLESSNESS will always see them through to the top in the end.

This video will make you have a rethink on things you have tagged ‘impossible’ ‘too challenging’.

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They know there may be failures and setbacks along the way, but their desire to reach their goals will always be greater than any setback.

Take a bold step today and be like the 1% that are prepared and ready to be successful not minding the challenges.

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Don’t be deceived, challenges will come your way on the road to success. Be strong and ready to fight hard. Success awaits those who are ready to set their own standards and determined to be successful by all means with all legal and human consciousness.

The great men and women shown in the video above also had their challenges. They fought it firmly and here we are, we are all celebrating their success. The road is frankly not easy, it takes a determined mindset.

In all, always put God first.

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